Workout: Thursday 5/15/14

Thursday May 15th 2014

  • Gravity class @ 7:00am
    • Designed to improve balance, strength and flexibility all at once, in a fast and effective total body workout. (Vent Fitness)
  • Stabilyz @ 7:30am
    • A true core workout. Focusing on developing your entire core from front to back, shoulders to quads, in a fun energizing session! (Vent Fitness)
  • Smith Machine squats
    • 20lbs x12 (narrow, wide, sumo)
      • super set with barbell squats x 12 (narrow, wide sumo)
    • 40lbs x12 “ “
      • Barbell squats
    • 60lbs x12 “ “
      • Barbell squats
    • 80lbs x6 (narrow), x12 (wide), x12 (sumo)
      • Barbell squats
    • 100lbs x2 (narrow), x3 (wide), x3 (sumo)
      • Barbell squats
    • For a grand total of: 326 squats!!!
  • Deadlifts
    • 50lbs x 20 (3 sets)
  • Hip abduction machine
    • Pulsing 20 times then resting for a few seconds: 155lbs x 10
  • Calf Raises on the leg press machine
    • Alternating foot position from angled out, in, and also the usual calf raise in the middle: 70lbs x12, x12, x12 (2 sets)
  • Alternating jumping lunges
    • 5 on each side then resting a few seconds in between (total of 10 each time) x20
    • Total of 200 jumping lunges (get your heartbeat up!)
    • Remember to keep your chest raised, abs tight, 90 degree angle in the front leg, land as soft as you can, and push up through the heel!
  • 35lbs dumbbell squat for the duration of the Eminem song: Till I collapse!

The END Rawr! P.S.- I can realllly feel it today, but it feels good 😉

I saw this today and it made me smile.



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