Hanging out with Jen/My Trip to NYC!


So on Wednesday this past week I took a trip to NYC to be a hair “model” for the lovely Tara Angley:



If you live in NYC and need your hair cut, she is now working at Hairroin right at 35th and Broadway! She is by far the best stylist I have found in my semi-long life. I always have trouble finding someone who cuts my hair right. If you haven’t notice I have a lot of curly/wavy, thick, course, frizzy, and crazy hair . So if you cut my hair wrong I am effed in the A… I have had a history of pretty bad hair cuts, and since I am growing my hair out I get totally nervous when finding a new stylist. Not with Tara though! She cut my hair perfect from the start and I have been seeing her ever since.

Not only is she a fun, sweet, and caring person, but she always makes you feel special and important. She does her best to fit you in if you really need something, and doesn’t hate me after no-showing on her a couple of times (I AM SO SORRY!).

My favorite thing she does is when she simply just blows out my hair with a round brush. She literally just uses a blow dryer and my hair looks amazing afterwards. I could never ever do that (I tried…didn’t work…boo).

Go see her!!!











I also got to hang out with my lovely friend Jennifer this weekend! Had so much fun with her and her vet friends. It was nice to go out and do something different <3.


Having fun with my Jennifer ❤




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