Prevalence of Mental Illness

Prevalence of Mental Illness

It is amazing how quiet we keep these diseases, and how strong the stigma is against them. Maybe if more people realize it is ok to have these problems, just like it is ok to have cancer, malaria, fibromyalgia, or multiple sclerosis the stigma against them would not be so great. Even I hesitate to discuss it with people sometimes because you never know how they will react. Some feel it is “all in my head.” Which is true, but it is not something I can just go see a therapist and overcome with psychological treatments. Yes the skills you can learn and medicine you receive from professionals can help, but a lot of mental illnesses are not curable at this point in time. They are something many of us have to live with and manage for the rest of our lives.

You may be staggered by these statistics that 1/5 or 1/4 people have/are/will suffer the affects of a mental illness sometime in their lives. What is heart breaking is that many will suffer silently because they fear rejection.They are right to feel this way. I have encountered a few people who simply want me to pray my symptoms away. Or the best one is when I am told I need to maintain better “self control.” If I am strong willed enough and organized I shouldn’t have any of these problems? No…No No No No…

I am not saying we should simply just accept our fate. No we should spend the rest of our lives planning, strategizing, and looking for ways to help control our symptoms.

I will not lie down and surrender. No matter how far in debt I get, no matter how low I feel at times, I will keep fighting.


Fight with everything in you.
You matter.
There is someone out there who loves you and wants to help.
If you have no one, I want to help.
Let me do what I can, message me and I will listen.

mentalillness_factsheet —>

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