Taking Care of Business

Loan Forgiveness

So I finally got around to looking into what to do with my student loans. My problem is that I have accrued debt (not a crazy amount compared to others, but enough to hurt) over the years through student loans for semesters where I haven’t finished/dropped out do to mental health issues. I was looking into how to possible get this fixed and I found the TPD student loan forgiveness.


My only problem with claiming this is the wording in which they state the qualifications. I have been having these issues for over 60 months, but I am still functional most of the time. I have always been able to hold a job and get by in life. I can put on a good face for the world, but when I am alone sometimes I fall apart. Which is why I work so much now, I am better busy and working all the time, than sitting at home brooding (not to mention I need the mulahhh). So I don’t know if I qualify but hey, it doesn’t hurt to try and look into these things. Also when you do this you cannot get any more student loans. You can only receive aid/financial support, but once you claim this disability you have to find other ways to pay.

Back to School

I am also on the phone with my University as I am typing this out. I am seeing what I need to do to get back into the game, and take classes again (part time of course). I am going to take it slow from now on, and just gauge how I react. It would be the first time I would be fully taking my meds, only taking one to two classes, and just being extremely careful as to not fall back into what has happened before.

Food Prep

Finally I am starting to attempt to eat healthy again and I literally spent all my extra money this week on buying healthy food. Which hurts, but hey its all for a good purpose. I really really need to start this third job though, since the Juice Bar has significantly cut my hours. I am barely getting by at the moment. But hey it will be ok 🙂 (I think!!!)

Got my brown rice, and sweet potatoes all done (picture below)!


On a side note…

Time to get ready to work out!



Cold Pressed Specials- Saratoga Juice Bar

As some of you might know I manage/cold press at my local juice bar! If you haven’t ever had cold pressed juices find a store/bar near you! They are delish, with no fillers (ours are only the juices from the fruits/veggies!).



Not Very Breakfasty-Like but Good :)

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I like to cut my brussel sprouts in half. Them I take them and toss them in whatever seasoning I feel like (garlic mix here) with some virgin olive oil (any sort of healthy fat!). Then I broil them in the toaster oven till dark and ta da!

The chicken I just cooked and shredded, then added the chopped French green beans, chili lime seasoning, and a dash of pepper (ok more like vigorous shaking of the pepper…I like my pepper, don’t judge).


Meal Prepping For my Double Shift!

Ok…So I TRIED really REALLY hard to be healthy and prep my food for the whole day a couple of days ago.

I made my protein smoothie mix, and tried to use romaine lettuce instead of bread. Let’s just say it was a complete fail…no…I cannot do it…Or at least right now I can’t eat lettuce leaves and pretend I am enjoying the meal and satisfied. I ended up caving in and destroying sweet potato fries and a grilled chicken wrap instead because I was still starving. Meal replacement shakes are a much better/easier option for me to get the nutrients I need and feel satisfied. So I am planning on having a big meal from now on once a day (preferable breakfast), and using my meal replacement/protein shakes for rest of the day. We shall see how that works out.

Howeverrr!! For those of you who think this is a great idea I will describe what I did here:

Egg and Romaine lettuce: just cooked the egg in a round pancake shape, then added avocado, tomato, cayenne pepper, and pepper.

Turkey and Romaine lettuce: horseradish honey mustard as the dressing, turkey, caramelized onions, and tomatoes.

I think the best way would be to eat them with the pieces of lettuce on either side like a sandwich. I tried to “wrap” it and the lettuce just kept falling apart.

Caramelized onions:

Sliced Tomatoes:

  • (pretty interesting way to cut a tomato!)

I will not be trying this again, but if you like it feel free! 🙂 haha

Wonderful Post I found about Bread


The Facebook page I found this wonderful information on, and her website are:



This is the actual article talking about the bread:


Here is also a link to the only type I can usually find in stores:


I  have actually been buying Ezekial bread myself for a while now since talking with my nutritionist at my gym. She said IF I was going to insist on eating bread I should stick with that kind.

The only problem you may have is finding it! I got so angry walking around the bread aisles at the stores near me, and was so relieved when Catrina at the Vent Fitness in Latham (http://www.ventfitness.com/) FINALLY explained to me how to find it! Since it is not very popular (at least in my area), and it does go bad somewhat fast,  I have to travel to Trader Joe’s or look in the frozen section in grocery stores. So far I have only found it in Hannaford and Trader Joe’s nearby, but I haven’t been hunting for it everywhere I go either.

Also, if you like to put your bread in the fridge to help it keep longer like me, I would advise you not to. Unless you have some sort of container that helps keep it moist, the bread for me becomes extremely crumbly and dry.

What is so unique about this article is it takes the different types of bread you commonly see in the grocery stores and points out the questionable/unhealthy ingredients! If you love bread as much as I do please check this out!

I am also attempting to start using lettuce/romaine leaves instead of bread so wish me luck! Will be posting some of my food creations soon!

Know what is going in your food. I know I don’t always adhere to this myself, I struggle everyday, and fail most days to eat healthy, but just do the best you can. It is better to eat healthy half the time than not at all! (Not making that my motto at all, but just wanted to be positive and encouraging about it!)

P.S. Bread if my WEAKNESS.

My favorite thing to do is take potato rolls or the sweet Hawaiian bread and literally dip them in the butter tub.


Avocado Sandwich


One of my new favorite things to eat! Avocado and egg sandwiches!

  1. To toast or not to toast the bread! (toast for me most def! darkkkk)… One of my friends at work also suggested using lettuce leaves instead of bread if you are watching your carbohydrates.
  2. Just split the avocado in half using a technique as shown in this video:

  1. I like to mash it in a container because I never eat it all, and like to use it later. Also I don’t like how slices slide around when you are trying to eat it. I’m a huge fan of nicely spread out and even for my sandwich spreads.
  2. Then I usually just heat a small pan, and then place one egg in it. I like to break the yolk so I can spread it out somewhat evenly, so it isn’t all in one place. Also make sure you keep it in somewhat of the shape of the bread or whatever you are using is like.
  3. Then just place the egg on the avocado!
  4. Finishing touches of pepper and cayenne pepper do it for me. I ❤ cayenne pepper! MMMMMMM

Might try adding some jalapenos next ;).

Nuts and Why You are Probably Eating them WRONG


  • People are always like nuts are healthy therefore let me just go grab a whole tub of them and chow down.


So just remember, don’t just grab that trail mix or tub of cashews and eat the whole thing.

moderation, moderation, moderationnnnn

(would help if I could manage this more myself…)




Protein Shake of the Day

I started out blending a lot of my meals because it was the only way I would eat certain foods. For example, cottage cheese and carrots. There is just something about them that makes me cringe when I swallow and it never settles right in my stomach after (I know it is probably all in my head). However, if I blend these babies together I have no problem drinking them. So for those of you would like to know, this is how it goes:


  • 10 almonds
  • 1 tbsp. of chia seeds
  • 1/2 of a large carrot or however much you would like
  • handful of baby spinach
  • 1/2 cup of greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup of egg whites (uncooked)
  • 2 scoops (or however much desired) of Isagenix Want More Energy for flavoring
  • Ice as needed
  • Water to desired thickness

Approximate nutritional value:

  • 252 kcal
  • 19g carbs
  • 6g fat
  • 9g protein
  • 304mg sodium

Usually I would also add 1/2 cup of cottage cheese or do 1/4 cup of greek and cottage cheese. Unfortunately Sam’s Club had this huge recall on the tubs I usually buy so I haven’t gotten around to buying more. Thanks for the recall Sam’s Club by the time I got the message I had already eaten it all :-p (I’m still alive and well thank God…).

Also to explain the baggies, I am a very busy woman all of a sudden! God answered my prayers and I am finally going to hopefully be working 40+ hours a week! So here goes no life :-p. I am in a lot of debt thanks to my bipolar disorder, but I won’t let that get me down, I will fight it and do whatever I can to get ahead! I just pray that I won’t get knocked back down! (so digressed there….) Baggies! Sheesh my attention span really kicked in there… I just made some prepped baggies so it is easier for me to make my shakes in the morning when I need to run out the door!

I am also in no way trying to push the Isagenix products on you. I just find it easier to get the protein I need using a powder shake mix, and tastier too with their electrolyte flavors. If I didn’t add the citrus flavor that contains electrolytes etc. it would be extremely hard for me to drink the shake. The citrus makes it way more than bearable. I have even grown to love it.

Just remember, this is a *healthy shake*, and do not expect it to be like something you get from McDonalds.

Any feedback or suggestions would be very much appreciated ❤ Thank you for your support and love in following me. I really love sharing my life with others, and hope I can be here for you if you ever need anything.