Water- Why Does Eveyone Always Insist You Drink It ALL the Time???

Why is water the number one most important thing to make sure you get enough of daily!??

It is simple human biology- water makes up more than half of your body weight and there is a reason for that: ATP- Adenosine Triphosphate.

-It is a high energy storing molecule (the energy that is stored in the bonds between the third and second phosphate in the chain is what is used to fuel practically all chemical reactions in your body)

-Severing the bond releases about 7.3 kilocalories per mole KJ/mol (about the same energy that a single peanut contains- in a tiny microscopic molecule!!!)

-In order to release the energy the basic reaction requires a water molecule

-ATP + H2O à ADP + Pi (hydrolysis of ATP- hydro = water)

-Hydrolysis is when a substance (in this case ATP) reacts with water and a bond is broken

-Without the hydrolysis of ATP and the subsequent release of energy, you wouldn’t have the fuel for the hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions that occur continuously and simultaneously in every living cell in the human body (it isn’t the sole energy source, but it is the most abundant and efficient).

-That means muscle contractions, nerve conduction, digestion, cellular health etc.

Think about it- have you ever wondered why it only takes about 3 days for you to die from lack of water? Just three days! That is because what is not lost through perspiration/evaporation (breathing)/secretion is used by your body in order to keep you ALIVE.

Great Video! Even has a dude doing pushups in the beginning 😉

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