Everything All at ONCE!

I am a busy girl, and between working out and my 3 jobs right now I get a little tired. Therefore mass posting occurs!

First on my agenda is my gym friend’s competition! She worked so hard, and really stuck to her meal plans, so of course she looked amazing! You can follow her progress etc. at: Instagram: ashl3ycrews

Here are some photos from her show:

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I have met some really great and friendly people at my jobs, and have had a strange resurgent in my social life. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love it! I am just tiirreedddd lol I am slowly starting to realize I am not as young as I used to be :-p I neeeed my sleep! Specially with everything I am doing! However, how can I say no to the opportunity to do myself up and go out! My favorite thing to do! As well as be with fun and sweet people!

First on my list is my night out with the other Ashley! (too many Ashleys lol) She is also working towards a competition of her own and runs her own Instagram page: ashleyclyne ! We went out in toga a couple of times recently (she just turned 21 recently so of course I love taking her out and being her DD!). Here are some photos of our shenanigans and some photos of her herself so you can see what she is all about!

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Alsooo my idea to make a Halloween costume totally fell through when the sewing machine ended up being broken! I had a backup plan though so I went to see Hunter Hayes instead! It  was such an amazing concert and fun! He is so talented, and a complete cutie. He played many different guitars, the piano, and the drums during the concert. Had a really really fun time!

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My life is still hard right now. I am making some extremely difficult decisions that I am not too happy about. Some of which make me vulnerable, and I hate feeling unsure and insecure. I will push through this though and be stronger than ever in the end, like always. I am just glad I have so much to do to keep me busy, helps me to keep going. Plus I am meeting some great people who have really brightened my days as well <3. I haven’t had any major depression or anxiety problems since last year! So hooray for that! 🙂

Keep shining

You may just be the light that someone needed

I know I did

That I do

I always will.



Shameless car selfie.

Started off with hey I’m going to take a picture of my hair, and devolved into this :p


Had a much needed girls night out with some of my ladies from work! I don’t think they can even know how good it felt to be included/invited to their outing. I truly was blessed when I found this job, because they are some of the sweetest and kindest people. Which is unusual for restaurants sometimes…if you know what I mean. However, my body is not feeling so well right now. It is so funny how a few drinks and being out till 1am takes so much more out of me now than it did back in the day.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Hanging out with Jen/My Trip to NYC!


So on Wednesday this past week I took a trip to NYC to be a hair “model” for the lovely Tara Angley:



If you live in NYC and need your hair cut, she is now working at Hairroin right at 35th and Broadway! She is by far the best stylist I have found in my semi-long life. I always have trouble finding someone who cuts my hair right. If you haven’t notice I have a lot of curly/wavy, thick, course, frizzy, and crazy hair . So if you cut my hair wrong I am effed in the A… I have had a history of pretty bad hair cuts, and since I am growing my hair out I get totally nervous when finding a new stylist. Not with Tara though! She cut my hair perfect from the start and I have been seeing her ever since.

Not only is she a fun, sweet, and caring person, but she always makes you feel special and important. She does her best to fit you in if you really need something, and doesn’t hate me after no-showing on her a couple of times (I AM SO SORRY!).

My favorite thing she does is when she simply just blows out my hair with a round brush. She literally just uses a blow dryer and my hair looks amazing afterwards. I could never ever do that (I tried…didn’t work…boo).

Go see her!!!











I also got to hang out with my lovely friend Jennifer this weekend! Had so much fun with her and her vet friends. It was nice to go out and do something different <3.


Having fun with my Jennifer ❤