Wonderful Post I found about Bread


The Facebook page I found this wonderful information on, and her website are:



This is the actual article talking about the bread:


Here is also a link to the only type I can usually find in stores:


I  have actually been buying Ezekial bread myself for a while now since talking with my nutritionist at my gym. She said IF I was going to insist on eating bread I should stick with that kind.

The only problem you may have is finding it! I got so angry walking around the bread aisles at the stores near me, and was so relieved when Catrina at the Vent Fitness in Latham (http://www.ventfitness.com/) FINALLY explained to me how to find it! Since it is not very popular (at least in my area), and it does go bad somewhat fast,  I have to travel to Trader Joe’s or look in the frozen section in grocery stores. So far I have only found it in Hannaford and Trader Joe’s nearby, but I haven’t been hunting for it everywhere I go either.

Also, if you like to put your bread in the fridge to help it keep longer like me, I would advise you not to. Unless you have some sort of container that helps keep it moist, the bread for me becomes extremely crumbly and dry.

What is so unique about this article is it takes the different types of bread you commonly see in the grocery stores and points out the questionable/unhealthy ingredients! If you love bread as much as I do please check this out!

I am also attempting to start using lettuce/romaine leaves instead of bread so wish me luck! Will be posting some of my food creations soon!

Know what is going in your food. I know I don’t always adhere to this myself, I struggle everyday, and fail most days to eat healthy, but just do the best you can. It is better to eat healthy half the time than not at all! (Not making that my motto at all, but just wanted to be positive and encouraging about it!)

P.S. Bread if my WEAKNESS.

My favorite thing to do is take potato rolls or the sweet Hawaiian bread and literally dip them in the butter tub.



Protein Shake of the Day

I started out blending a lot of my meals because it was the only way I would eat certain foods. For example, cottage cheese and carrots. There is just something about them that makes me cringe when I swallow and it never settles right in my stomach after (I know it is probably all in my head). However, if I blend these babies together I have no problem drinking them. So for those of you would like to know, this is how it goes:


  • 10 almonds
  • 1 tbsp. of chia seeds
  • 1/2 of a large carrot or however much you would like
  • handful of baby spinach
  • 1/2 cup of greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup of egg whites (uncooked)
  • 2 scoops (or however much desired) of Isagenix Want More Energy for flavoring
  • Ice as needed
  • Water to desired thickness

Approximate nutritional value:

  • 252 kcal
  • 19g carbs
  • 6g fat
  • 9g protein
  • 304mg sodium

Usually I would also add 1/2 cup of cottage cheese or do 1/4 cup of greek and cottage cheese. Unfortunately Sam’s Club had this huge recall on the tubs I usually buy so I haven’t gotten around to buying more. Thanks for the recall Sam’s Club by the time I got the message I had already eaten it all :-p (I’m still alive and well thank God…).

Also to explain the baggies, I am a very busy woman all of a sudden! God answered my prayers and I am finally going to hopefully be working 40+ hours a week! So here goes no life :-p. I am in a lot of debt thanks to my bipolar disorder, but I won’t let that get me down, I will fight it and do whatever I can to get ahead! I just pray that I won’t get knocked back down! (so digressed there….) Baggies! Sheesh my attention span really kicked in there… I just made some prepped baggies so it is easier for me to make my shakes in the morning when I need to run out the door!

I am also in no way trying to push the Isagenix products on you. I just find it easier to get the protein I need using a powder shake mix, and tastier too with their electrolyte flavors. If I didn’t add the citrus flavor that contains electrolytes etc. it would be extremely hard for me to drink the shake. The citrus makes it way more than bearable. I have even grown to love it.

Just remember, this is a *healthy shake*, and do not expect it to be like something you get from McDonalds.

Any feedback or suggestions would be very much appreciated ❤ Thank you for your support and love in following me. I really love sharing my life with others, and hope I can be here for you if you ever need anything.