Cold Pressed Specials- Saratoga Juice Bar

As some of you might know I manage/cold press at my local juice bar! If you haven’t ever had cold pressed juices find a store/bar near you! They are delish, with no fillers (ours are only the juices from the fruits/veggies!).




Sunday Funday (If that is what you want to call it!)

1:30am wake up call! (not really but just woke up and figured I could get things done!)

Plan of the day:
1- clean house/room so roomie doesn’t come home and strangle me (been so tired lately it is so hard to keep up with keeping everything neat!- who wants to buy me a maid haha jk)
2- work at the juice bar (DOUBLE today!)
3- workout sometime in-between (cause lord knows I’m not going to work out at the end of the day! I’m aiming for the Zumba class with Roxy today at Vent Fitness in Clifton Park!!)

 Enjoy your Sunday!