Sleep defies me.
Regret hangs loose in the air.
Grasping for anything in the darkness
Clinging to hope.
Battling my demons.
Thoughts swirling in my mind.
The visions I see in my dreams.
They aren’t real.
They can’t be real.

Sometimes you feel lost and alone.
You know that isn’t the case.
All the people in the world surrounding you could not banish it.


For those who dream of better things, hope for a brighter future, and dread the unknown that the days bring.

The past six months I have been dealing with the fallout from a relationship that shoulve ended years ago. That is why I have been so inactive. Plus he holidays etc. I hope you are are safe and happy and enjoyed your holidays.

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I have been keeping up with my workouts beginning again this week. Between th stress and the holidays and working 60 hours a week it has been hard. But it feels so good to be getting back at it again.

i just have to ask for prayers and support. I am locked into a lease I desperately need to get rid of. I have a place waiting for me that is going to charge me $400 flat, and it is a gorgeous home. I currently cannot afford the place I am in right now and I am far behind on everything. Please pray, or send positive vibes my way that someone will take this apartment away from me. I am even offering some of my furniture.

Love You all.

Here are some photos of what I have bee up to lately ❤️💋

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RIP Robin Williams

Robin Williams CNN Report

RIP Robin Williams ❤ So sad to hear about another person succumbing to mental illness. May he finally find the peace and relief he could not find in life. It was so strange, I was literally just watching Jumanji and Hook this past week. For some reason this his home more than other celebrity deaths have.

Just shows us that even many celebrities struggle with different forms of mental illnesses as well. Even the rich and famous cannot escape the inner workings of genetics and environment.

My heart goes out to his family.

I am truly saddened by his loss. Always surprises me when I grieve for the loss of someone I have never met or spoken to. But he touched all of us in some way. Made us laugh, cry, and entertained us. Seemed to be such a good genuine soul.